Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our Favorite Things: Universal Orlando Edition.

Now that we are back in the throes of school and activities.  I'm getting a little nostalgic for our summer vacation.

We had a blast and for sure many memories were made.  We found ourselves spending more time at Universal Orlando than we have in years past. It was an amazing part of our trip  and we ended up tacking on an unplanned day at the end of our trip for more fun. Why do we love Universal Studios?  Here are my nerdy little family's top things to do and see at Universal Orlando. 

 I tasked everyone to come up with some of their favorite Universal Moments.  It could be rides, treats (holla Miss E), character experiences.  Or whatever. Here are their thoughts.

It should come as no surprise that Marvel Super Hero Island ranks at the top of the list for all of us. 

Hockey Nerd: He is a man of few words.  Especially if he thinks I'm going to use them here. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Because Spidey! Obviously.

Miss E: All things Butterbeer .  Including the Annual Mommy and Mini Florean Fortescue breakfast date.

Minion Mayhem because minions and the fart gun that smells miraculously like bananas.  

The Simpsons ride - because of big Maggie and "because there is science"

Mighty: Jurassic Park because it feels like he is stepping into the movies.  The River Adventure ride and the Raptor encounter are his favorites.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong - We were lucky enough to catch a soft opening for this before we left this summer.  Believe me when I tell you that he has not stopped talking about it.  The combination of special effects and surprises put this one over the top for him. 

Me: The Hulk roller coaster.  I was always a little nervous when it came to roller coasters. I would ride them, but I was never a huge fan. Especially if they went upside down.   The big guy changed that for me.  It's fast and fun and I love it.  Not to mention some of the views from the ride are amazing especially when "the sun's getting real low".

 I'm quite a bit bummed that we missed him this summer due to renovations.But from what I've seen now that The Hulk has come smashing back to life it's going to be amazing. I cannot wait to #hulkout.

The characters at Marvel Super Hero Island.  The diversity of the characters is pretty cool.  I love that the X-Men are well represented. I've had some of my favorite moments with Wolverine and Cyclops.

Dr. Doom is always a treat.  And where else are you going to find the Green Goblin roaming the streets free, waiting to jump out at an unsuspecting  web head.

We also have a soft spot for the Simpson's and all of Springfield.  And oh Duff Beer (for the over 21 set).  Perfect on a hot summer day.  Eating a meal in Moe's Tavern is a surreal bit of fun and has become our favorite stop for a quick bite to eat.

There truly is something for everyone and every age. Both parks are well worth a visit.  We are constantly finding new things to love.

Have  you been? What are some of your favorite things about Universal Orlando?

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