Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bounty Hunter's Blend: A Dark Side Roast

It's St. Jude Heroes fundraiser time again.  This could quite possibly be one of my favorites.  I hit up my friend Chris at On a Roll Design for her creative genius and I am so excited by what she came up with  for me. 

I had the idea to attempt a T-shirt fundraiser through Booster and Custom Ink.  When I decided to move forward there was only one person I would trust to come up with the image for me and that was Chris. 

My request was as convoluted as it was simple.  Combining some of my loves into one image that I hoped other people would love as well.  She managed to combine Star Wars, my family's love of a certain Mandalorian bounty hunter and coffee and as always hit it out of the park for me. 

Introducing the design for my first ever t-shirt fundraiser.  It is active as of today and will close in four weeks on March 26th, with an estimated product delivery to you on April 11th.  Which would be plenty of time for any of my Dark Side Challengers to receive in time for race weekend. 

I currently have two options up and running the first is for an awesome charcoal grey Hanes tagless T.  It's so comfy and the design really pops against the grey.  Information and ordering options can be found here

I also have set up a Ladies Hanes X-Temp Tank in black.  This would be perfect for race weekend, for working out, or anytime you feel like showing off your caffeinated Dark Side.  Currently, the option to purchase is here, but will be combined to the above link within the next day or so.

All proceeds will go my St. Jude Heroes fundraiser for the year.  As always thank you for your support and thank you for helping provide the families of St. Jude the best gift to fight the Dark Side of Childhood Cancer.  Hope. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Worry Less, Run More

Well, I do believe this is my first running related post in my new home.  There are several reasons, but mostly because there hasn't been a whole lot of running going on in my world. Unless you count running errands, running  little people places. Truthfully,  my treadmill had been taken over by my cat who was less than thrilled to see me back.

I could say I've been busy, which is true.  But also it's been an excuse.  I could have run.  I could have put more effort into training for Dark Side and Light Side.  But I didn't.  

I let people, things, situations and what I perceived to be other people's opinions of me take up space in my head.  Being an anxious person by nature the smallest thing can set me off and spiral down a rabbit hole.  When that happens, I tend to isolate myself and stay close to those who love me in spite of myself and my flaws.

Running took a backseat to other activities. But here's the thing, I started running to get out of my head and clear out the negative. Running has always, always, always been my happy space. I lost sight of that for awhile. 

I got the reminder that I needed in January at the Light Side 10k.  I was under trained  but I was happy.  I ran the 10k by myself and I was happy. Giddy even and I even managed to get a Disney 10k PR. 

During that time there were no worries in my head.  Just me, my playlist, Star Wars and 6.1 miles in the Happiest Place on Earth.  It was not my best time but it was the BEST TIME.

Since then I have been working my way back into consistency.  I'm rediscovering the benefits that running plays in my life.  

With that being said 2017 is the year that I am declaring that I am going  to 
Worry less and run more. Lofty goals for me for sure but I can tell you I see a difference already.

So friends help hold my feet to the fire on this one if you see me slacking.