Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Roots and Wings

We had a first in the Nerdy family today.  Mighty went off to his first overnight camp. Not close to home.  For more than one night. 

Yes, I realize he is not the first child to ever go to camp.  But he is MY first child to go camp.  It's crazy to me he is old enough to be going to camp.  Away from me. 

I swear I didn't blink, but yet somehow here I am.   I feel like we are at this huge crossroads.  One that I'm not totally prepared to face just yet.  This is the beginning of his independence.  Or the beginning of where he starts to want to branch out away from us more.  I know it's the way life is, but oh my goodness.  How quickly we got here. 

We have always subscribed to the theory that the two best things we can give to Mighty and Mini are roots and wings.  Roots to know they are supported, loved and always a part of us no matter what.  Roots to be grounded in our  family values and  our faith.  But give them wings to fly.  To be Mighty and Mini in whatever they want to do and wherever they want to go.  Wings to be confudrnt in themselves and not be afraid to fall. 

So today was rubber meets the road with my first attempt at letting Mighty fly and it's way more challenging than what I was expecting.  

I know he's having fun but for now I'm  stalking Facebook for pictures and trying to not to be that Mom and text the director to see how he's doing. 

Moms of older kids who have navigated these early branching out years, do you have any words of wisdom for me?


  1. Just what I'm always telling you(in one way or another): you WANT them to gain independence, to try those wings (and sometimes boundaries)bits at a time so when it's time to fly, they will soar. These small flights are how we prepare all of us for growing up--though I won't say it is ever easy...

    1. Totally starting to see that. It's harder than I tough it would be to let him branch out.

    2. Totally starting to see that. It's harder than I tough it would be to let him branch out.